The Amazing Story of Montagu’s Harrier


De man op de dijk gaat de wereld over!
Een herziene editie van het Nederlandstalige boek is eind juli 2021 in het Engels verschenen, nu wereldwijd verkrijgbaar.

The Amazing Story of Montagu’s Harrier
How birds show us the way to agriculture and nature in harmony

A true story that starts with one man and one nest. The story highlights the degree of connection between all living beings, from the UK to Senegal and the rest of our planet. A must-read for anyone who loves the countryside, birds and people.

Montagu’s harrier had almost disappeared from the Netherlands. Then, in 1990, a single nest discovered in a field was the starting point of what subsequently became an international movement. The Amazing Story of Montagu’s Harrier relates the highs and lows of almost 30 years of harrier conservation — a success story in which agriculture and nature go hand-in-hand.

In this book, Elvira Werkman combines valuable and sometimes emotional nature conservation stories with hard facts about the state of agriculture and nature. The book follows harrier conservationist Ben Koks from the Netherlands to West Africa —seeing through his eyes and flying along with Montagu’s harrier.

Written in a lucid style that immediately draws the reader into a compelling reflection on this endangered bird of prey.

Details of publication

Author: Elvira Werkman
Language: English
Original Dutch title: De man op de dijk, KNNV Uitgeverij

Translation: Giles Brodie for Groenlingua
Editor: Laurel Avery
Cover design: Michel Poppen Vormgeving
Illustrations: Gaudia Landman
Photographs: Ben Koks
Pages: 250
Format: 14 x 21 cm
paperback black and white & Kindle e-book
ISBN 978-90-9034857-5

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